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Operation Instructions for the Panasonic RC-6015 Flip Clock

Most of the Panasonic RC-6015 flip clocks sold these days do not come with the Operation Instructions (instruction manual).

Care and Restoration of the Panasonic RC-6015

How to care for and restore your Panasonic RC-6015, the "Back To The Future" Flip Clock. In this short tutorial I review some of ...

Panasonic Radio/Alarm Clock RC-6015

This is the same model flip clock made famous in the Michael J. Fox 1985 Movie Classic, Back To The Future These clocks are ...

Panasonic Flip CLock RC-6015 - The Model from Back To The Future - with Song Clip Alarm

This is the Panasonic RC-6015 Flip Clock alarm/radio as seen in the movie "Back To The Future." I've made this clock so that it ...

Panasonic RC-6015 Alarm Clock

Back To The Future.

Review of the Panasonic RC-6253

Disassembly and light restoration of the Panasonic RC-6253. Details how to remove the knobs and the clear plastic face.

Back to the Future Flip Clocks - Panasonic RC-6015 brown cabinet

I have RC-6010 in my collection. The same but white. Bought in Israel (Ebay) as to make it work properly in 230V/50Hz electricity.

Panasonic Digi Dater RC-6551 - back from the dead

This Panasonic Digi-dater RC-6551 was on the way to the dump before we brought it back to life. Here we repair a stripped motor ...

Back To The Future Panasonic Flip Clock RC-6015

"What A Coincidence, I awake this morning with this song !" Hehehehe this is my Panasonic Flip Clock... And this is a little tribute ...

Panasonic RC-6025 "The Groundhog Day" Clock - Operation

Video of the basic operation of a Panasonic RC-6025 (also known as "The Groundhog Day" Clock.

Disassembly of the Panasonic RC-7021

Short video tutorial showing the basic Disassembly of the Panasonic RC-7021.

Review of the Panasonic RC-1280

Review and basic disassembly of the Panasonic RC-1280. This review if successful will discourage you from buying a flip clock of ...

Panasonic RC-6015

clock radio.

Panasonic Rc-6354

clock radio....

kertoon 6015

clock radio....

kertoon 6015

clock radio....